Netflix has this movie about two best friends who have known each other their whole lives. They both end up having one son each (can ya smell the foreshadowing??) and one of the friends husbands dies when the boys are young. Years later, puberty has done these boys well, and I mean WELL, Like hott as British surfer boys with great sex faces (sorry, I’ve had a lot of wine). Needless to say, (IMO), they end up fucking each other’s sons and are all like, “I can’t remember being this happy…I don’t wanna stop” in their British accents. And they decide to keep going because in their words, “I’m sure they’ll get bored of us”.

Also, one is married and the son doesn’t care that his best friend his screwing his mother while his father is away.

They live on the beach so ya know, it’s paradise because hot young men who surf and sex.